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There is currently no specific iPad app for RefWorks.  However, you are able to access RefWorks from Safari on your iPad, and then use RefWorks as you usually would on any browser on your computer.  

Another option for using RefWorks on your iPad is to open up the mobile version of RefWorks called, RefMobile (  You can find more information about RefMobile here.

There are two issues of note that you may encounter when using RefWorks on your iPad: 

1) Saving references from PubMed: Since you cannot download text files from Safari without an app, if you try to save a text file as you normally would with PubMed it will open a new browser window that shows the text that RefWorks would normally read. There are two ways around this:

  • Copy the text, then paste it into RefWorks to be imported. You can get to the Import screen (shown below) from the References menu in the upper left hand corner. Make sure to select From Text.

  • Alternatively, perform your PubMed search through RefWorks from the Search menu, which provides you with an easy one click direct import feature. However, RefWorks search will not have all the advanced options than a search on the PubMed website would give you.

2) Inserting citations into papers: RefWorks and Write n Cite do not work with the iPad's Pages application. 


(Answer adapted from UNC Health Science Library's Ask a Librarian)

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