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H-index values may be found in Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar.  (For what is an h-index, click here.)

To find this value in Scopus, go into the database through our library web page and do a search on the author’s last name and first initial.  (This is recommended because some publications may have indexed articles using the author’s first initial instead of first name, thereby generating a separate listing.)

Next, go through the list and choose those author names that you know to be the correct person.  It is not uncommon for a single author to have multiple entries.  Fortunately, each listing contains the person’s academic/research field and institutional affiliation, if any.  The author you’re searching for may have multiple entries due to name changes, institution changes, or misspellings, so it's important to view all the results.

When you've selected the appropriate author listings, go back to the top of the list and click on "View Citation Overview."  This will temporarily combine the multiple author records you’ve selected and generate composite statistics.  At the top right of the overview page, you will see an "Author h-index" number, and a link that says "View h-graph,” which will give you the information you’re looking for.

NOTE TO AUTHORS:  If you find multiple listings for yourself, it is recommended that you select all such listings and click on "Request to Merge Authors" link (next to the "View Citation Overview" link on the author results page).  This is important because other searchers may not know to select all of the listings that pertain to you, and may get a falsely low h-index number (or other statistics) for you as a result.

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